Express Smog Service

Express Smog Check and Services

Thorough Smog Testing and Repairs in Reno, NV

By law, every vehicle that you own needs to be checked for smog, and certified. This not only ensures that your vehicle runs fine, but it also ensures that there is less pollution in the atmosphere. Bring your vehicle to Nevada Auto Diagnostics Inc of Reno, NV for thorough smog checking and repair services. We have been in business for 45 years.

Specialized Diesel Smog Checks and Repair Services

  • Smog Test for Diesel Vehicles
  • Smog failures
  • Repairs on diesel vehicles
  • DMV smog renewals
  • No appointments needed
  • Fast service - we put the ‘express’ in express Smog!

Visit our main facilities in  Louie Lane:

Nevada Auto Diagnostics Inc

Address: 5425 Louie Lane Ste. C., Reno NV

Phone: 775-825-7664

Services: Gas and diesel, DMV renewals